ALERT: Significant snowfall expected

Significant snowfall is occuring and expected to continue on Bowen Island. Crews are plowing and salting roads in the following order of priority:

-Main roads and bus routes
-Secondary roads, once the snow fall has stopped
-Third-priority roads, after the snow fall has stopped and all other main and secondary roads are passable

Please make room for plows. Vehicles parked on narrow roadsides make it difficult or impossible for plows to get through. There are many dead-end roads on Bowen. If a plow is unable to turn around at the end of a road, it can't clear the road.

Property owners are responsible for making sure the sidewalks next to their property are kept clear of snow and ice, to ensure the safe passage of pedestrians.

Read more about snow and ice removal

Island Survey

Results of Island Survey now available

At its January 8, 2018 meeting, Council received a presentation from the Communication Team with the results of Island Survey 2018. The survey asked about quality of island life, municipal services, transportation, emergency preparedness and housing. A total of 608 responses were received between November 29 and December 21, 2017. The results of the survey will inform the development of Island Plan 2018 and will be distributed to municipal staff and committees.

The goals of the survey were:

  • to inform the development of our strategic plan, Island Plan 2018
  • to allow for current community feedback
  • to assess your satisfaction with current municipal services
  • to collect baseline information to allow for annual comparisons (particularly for transportation, emergency preparedness, and housing issues)