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Request for Quotation: Snug Cove Paint Markings

Bowen Island Municipality is requesting quotes for supplying materials, equipment and labor to
complete Snug Cove Paint Markings on various roads within Bowen Island Municipality, to take
place once a year for a three-year period.

        Issued Date: May 2, 2018; 2:00pm Local Time
        Closing Time & Date: May 17, 2018; 2:00pm Local Time

The work will encompass approximately 2200 linear meters (at “one lane” width) of
crosshatching [yellow], approximately 50 parking stalls [white], and approximately 1500 linear
meters of single solid line painting [white] as indicated on the attached Figure 1.
The work will involve the supply of materials (including glass beads), equipment and operator(s)
that will be used for the production of crosshatching, parking line painting, and single solid line
painting along Bowen Island Trunk Road in Snug Cove.

The Municipality will provide traffic control and signage for the duration of the work.

The time frame for the Snug Cove Paint Markings is expected between the dates of Tuesday, 29
May 2018 through to Friday, 22 June 2018, subject to availability. The timeline for 2019/2020 will
be organized in those years. The Snug Cove Paint Markings will proceed on a continuous workday
basis until, in the opinion of the Operations Supervisor, the works are completed. The Operations
Supervisor will direct all Paint Marking activities.

Addendum #1
Addendum #2

Request for Expressions of Interest: Architectural Services

Bowen Island Municipality is requesting Expressions of Interest and Qualifications from professional architects to advance our new Fire Hall and Emergency Operations Centre from the concept stage through to final construction. This project has been approved in the 2018 budget with construction anticipated to commence by September 2018. The Municipality is seeking an architect for the preparation of the construction drawings, to act as prime consultant, payment certifier, provide ongoing inspections to handle contract administration during construction, and participate in the tendering for the general contractor on this project.

Read more about the project

Addendum # 1:

The intent of this Request for Expressions of Interest (EOI) is to provide public notification of this opportunity and to solicit interest from qualified parties who may be interested in bidding on this project. The municipality intends to establish a shortlist of qualified respondents from the EOI and subsequently invite those short-listed to provide a proposal for those services described in this EOI through a Request for Proposals (RFP) process. Only those firms selected to the shortlist will receive the RFP.
The response to this EOI should include:

  • Intended list of sub-consultants to be used
  • Your firm’s qualification and credentials
  • A list of past projects relevant in scope to the proposed firehall concept drawings
  • Your firm’s track record for completing projects on time and within budget
  • Your firm’s capacity to take this project on with anticipated construction to commence in September 2018 and be completed within 1 year.

Past experience in successfully designing and coordinating the associated sub-consultant services for municipal fire hall facilities will be one of the key criteria elements for this project.

Please send Expressions of Interest and Qualifications by 4:30 pm on Friday, May 18, 2018 to:

Raj Hayre
Chief Financial Officer
Bowen Island Municipality
981 Artisan Lane
Bowen Island, BC  V0N 1G2
Email:  rhayre@bimbc.ca

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