Advisory Design Panel

Purpose of the Committee:

The role of the Advisory Design Panel is to provide recommendations with respect to the design, environmental compatibility and finishing materials, including colour of the exterior and all new or proposed renovations or additions,  and with respect to siting and landscaping of all plans submitted for consideration in:

  1. Village Revitalization Development Area
  2. Village Periphery Development Area
  3. Any other major development with significant community-wide impacts as directed by Council

Committee Members:

  • Mike Lightbody Chair 
  • Jeremey Howe, Vice Chair
  • Rondy Dike
  • Gary Fields
  • Vince Knudsen
  • Betty Morton
  • David Riddell
  • Councillor Sue Ellen Fast (Council Liaison)

To contact the Advisory Design Panel please email:

Governing Documents:

Establishment Bylaw


Distillery Revisions

Video Recordings:

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