Bowen Amateur Radio Service

The Bowen Amateur Radio Service (BEARS) are qualified volunteers, with their own communications equipment and tools, committed to responding in times of need to facilitate and provide communications when and as needed. 

The Emergency Communications Team (ECT) is based out of Fire Hall #2, and is made up of BEARS who have received additional training in emergency management. They are provided with supplies and equipment by the municipality and train and exercise with emergency program staff and volunteers. 

The Municipality, the Justice Institute of BC and Emergency Management BC (EMBC) facilitate training opportunities for the ECT. EMBC, through grants, also provide funds for equipment to ensure better inter-operability throughout BC. The ECT primarily use VHF UHF radios and is able to communicate across all areas of the island, as well as with all 7 Provincial Regional Emergency Operations Centres. The team also participates in the Inter-Municipal Amateur Radio Service, which joins all jurisdictions of Metro Vancouver.  

The ECT also works closely with North Shore Emergency Management’s Emergency Communications Team, which will be useful in establishing connections with nearby stakeholders, including high schools that Bowen resident youth attend. The ECT has the ability to email via radio, and may provide IT services in an emergency that does not affect standard communication methods.

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Bruce Steele or the Emergency Program Coordinator

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