Board of Variance

The Board of Variance considers minor variances in siting, dimensions, or size requirements (side yard, back, front, height and area coverage) where compliance with Bowen Island Municipality’s Land Use Bylaw would cause undue hardship. For example, if a big rock in a yard made it a hardship to site a house in conformity with the normal setbacks, a person could apply for a minor variance.

The board cannot vary the permitted uses, densities, or parking under the Land Use Bylaw, nor does it to deal with major variance applications. Major variances require a Development Variance Permit application.

Read the Board of Variance Establishment Bylaw or info from the BC Government to learn more.

Board members

The Board of Variance is an appeal board of three members who are appointed by Council. It holds meetings as needed to hear appeals and make decisions about minor variances.

Current members

  • Frits de Vries, Chair
  • Christopher Hall
  • Rick Jones

Reference Documents

Board of Variance Establishment Bylaw No. 274, 2010

LGMA Board of Variance Guide


June 21, 2017

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To be considered for the board, you must live on Bowen Island, and share a desire to create a liveable, sustainable community for all.

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