Burn Permits

All backyard and industrial burning is prohibited between April 16 and October 15 every year.

Depending on the forest fire danger rating, campfires for cooking for warmth may be permitted. Please see Fire Danger Rating for more information.

Burning Permits are required for backyard and industrial burning. Burn permits can be purchased at Municipal Hall. The Fire Chief will make a site visit if necessary.


 Yard Burn  $10.00
 Machine Burn  $50.00

Ways you can pay

On the day of your planned burn

1.  Call the Metro Vancouver Air Quality Burning Index at 604-436-6777 on the morning of the planned burn. A recorded message is updated every day with information about air quality and whether burning is permitted.

2.  Call the Bowen Island Fire Department's non-emergency line 604-947-9324 and leave a message stating your intent to have a burn that day. Please include your name and address of the burn in the message.

Machine Burn: Before you burn

You require a site visit by the Fire Chief prior to burning. Please call Derek Dickson 604-250-1618 to make an appointment.


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