Bylaw No. 468 2018 Lot 3 Rezoning

Bowen Island Council is considering changes to the Land Use Bylaw with respect to the Village Commercial 1 (VC 1) Zone, to permit medical clinic as a permitted use. The VC 1 zone permits offices, but does not permit a medical clinic, which is defined in the Land Use Bylaw as “a medical, dental, physiotherapy or similar practice run by one or several practitioners and including accessory laboratory and other facilities.” 

Proposed Land Use Amendment Bylaw No. 468, 2018, which would add medical clinic as a permitted use, was given first reading by Council on September 24, 2018.  This bylaw would also establish a parking requirement for a medical clinic in Village zones a one space per 40 square metres of floor area. 

Notice of a public hearing to consider this amendment will be provided following initial referral of the bylaw.  Inquiries and comments regarding the proposed bylaws may be directed to Judy McLeod at 604-947-4255 or by email at

Background Information

Staff Report dated November 7, 2018

Staff Report dated September 24, 2018

PowerPoint Presentation dated September 24, 2018

Proposed Bylaw No. 468, 2018

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