Category 3 Burning Permit

How to Apply for a Category 3 (Industrial land clearing or other major burning) Burning Permit online

Step 1: Complete the form below to apply for your Category 3 Burning Permit. Please note you will not receive email confirmation that this form has been submitted.

Step 2: Submit your $50.00 payment via interac e-transfer to Include "BURN PERMIT" and your ADDRESS (location of burning) in the description.

Step 3: Once you have submitted the below form and payment, call the fire department at (604) 947-9324 to schedule your site visit from the Fire Chief or Deputy Fire Chief.

If you have any questions about burn permits please call the Bowen Island Fire Rescue non-emergency line at (604) 947-9324.

Category 3 burning permits are for piles larger than 2m high x 3m wide.

By submitting this form, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the conditions of a Category 3 Burning Permit as follows:

Burning is permitted from October 15 to April 15 

Only burn when Metro Vancouver's "Open Burning Advisory" indicates that burning is allowed. You must call 604-436-6777 to determine if open burning is allowed on each day that you plan to burn. This information is available daily after 8:30 am.

You require a Metro Vancouver Permit. You can find information about applying for your Metro Vancouver Open Burning Approval on the Metro Vancouver website.

You require a Provincial burn registration number. You can find information on the Provincial website.

On the day of the burn you must call and leave a message on the Bowen Island Fire Rescue non-emergency line at (604) 947-9324.

The permittee shall be responsible for fires authorized by the permit.

  • Burning is only permitted on private property. No fires are to be located on Municipal property, public roads or road allowances.
  • Each permit will be for 72 hours only upon ignition of the burn.
  • No material other than wood, paper or cardboard shall be used to start, assist or enhance the burning. The following material is PROHIBITED: tires, paint, manure, clothing, plastics, special waste, rubber, battery boxes, drywall, tar paper, asphalt, leather, demolition waste, treated lumber, fuel containers, domestic waste, railway ties, biomedical waste, and lubricant containers. 
  • The materials to be burned shall have originated on the property for which the permit is issued. 
  • Every effort should be made to have a hot fire, with emphasis on reducing the output of smoke as much as possible. 

The permittee shall take the following precautions to prevent escape of fires authorized by the permit:

  • The permittee shall provide at the site during light-up and for actively patrolling and preventing escape of fires authorized by this permit at least one adult persons equipped with suitable hand tools to effectively safeguard the fires or equipment and an equipment operator. The required tools and equipment are at the discretion of the Fire Chief or Deputy Fire Chief. 
  • Any additional special conditions will be indicated in your permit.

The permittee shall extinguish all fires completely on or before the expiry date of the permit; or shall extinguish them forthwith upon suspension or cancellation of the permit; or when instructed to do so by Bowen Island Fire Rescue.

Category 3 Burn Permit Application

There are two options:

1. Download and print a Category 3 Burn Permit Application Fill it in and scan it back to or drop it off at Municipal Hall with your payment.


2. Complete the information below and submit.

When you click "Submit", the page will reload and you will see the top of the page. Scroll down to see confirmation of your submission.

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