Change Your Address

We require notification of a change of address in writing. Follow these instructions to change your name or address on your property tax or utility account.

Change your mailing address

If you are a registered owner and need to change your mailing address:

  1. Download, complete, and sign this BC Assessment notification form
  2. Submit your completed form to us
  3. We will make change your address in our system, and also forward it to BC Assessment

Where to send your notification form

Submit your form to Municipal Hall in person, by mail, or by e-mail to

Change name or ownership

Any change of ownership of all real property in British Columbia, including a change in name, must be filed with:

Land Titles Office
Suite 300 - 88 Sixth Street
New Westminster, BC
V3L 5B3

Telephone:  604-630-9630

Last Updated on 2018-01-04 at 1:56 PM