Special Clean-Up Days

Special clean-up days are held twice a year, usually in the spring and fall seasons.

Please see below for details about Dump Day and Hazardous Materials and Paint Recycling.


Hazardous Waste Guidelines (PDF)

Dump Day

Dump Day for 2020 is not yet confirmed.

Bowen Waste Service provides large containers at the Bowen Island Recycling Depot (BIRD) for the drop off of residential waste. We accept household items such as appliances, metals, rimless tires and car batteries, and objects considered too large for weekly garbage pick-up. Please place loose items in bags, neat & tidy.



Fees must be paid in advance to drop off your household waste at Dump Day.

 Load size  Fee
 Small (about 10 garbage bags or the contents of a car trunk)  $15
 Medium (about 20 garbage bags or the contents of an SUV or minivan)  $25
 Large (about 30 garbage bags or the contents of a LEVEL pickup truck load  $35
 Mattress  $25
 Appliances  $25

Where to buy tickets

You can purchase your Dump Day tickets at Municipal Hall in advance, or at the Snug Cove General Store (the week before Dump Day only).

Questions? Please call Bowen Waste Service at 604-947-2255.

Hazardous Waste and Paint Recycling: July 18, 2020 at BIRD

Bowen Waste Solutions provides containers at BIRD for the drop-off of hazardous waste and paint recycling.

There are no fees to drop off hazardous waste or paint. The limit is 10 containers per visit.

What is accepted

  • paints and stains (limit 10 per visit)
  • flammable liquids (paint thinners, solvents, camp fuels, liquid adhesives with the flammable symbol). Max container size for kerosene is 9 L. Max container size for other liquids is 10 L.
  • pesticides (with skull and crossbones symbol AND "Pest Control Product" registration number (e.g. REG#12345 PCP ACT). Max container size is 10 L.
  • gasoline (in approved ULC containers only). Max container size is 20 L.

What is NOT accepted

  • products that cannot be identified
  • products that are leaking or improperly sealed
  • empty containers
  • commercial, industrial or agricultural products
  • cosmetics, health and beauty aids
  • insect repellants, disinfectants and pet products
  • diesel, propane and butane fuels
  • caulking tubes
  • fertilizer

Questions? Please call Bowen Waste Service at 604-947-2255.

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