Collaborative Projects

Collaborative Projects Make Better Communities

If you’re an individual, group, or business with a good idea for a community-driven initiative, Bowen Island Municipality wants to hear from you.

We want to help enable small-scale or early-stage collaborative projects and provide guidance on how to get your idea off to a strong start.

What’s a collaborative project?

It’s infrastructure or an initiative intended for public use or participation for community enjoyment and/or service enhancements.

What are some examples?

  • The Bowen Bike Park behind the Bowen Island Community School
  • The expansion at Bowen Children’s Centre
  • The Heritage Loop Trail in Snug Cove
  • The Disc Golf course at Veterans Park
  • The Westside Playscape at Arubutus Ridge

What are the key project criteria?

  • Consistent with the Official Community Plan and related Municipal Master Plans
  • Meets community needs and has demonstrated community support
  • Describes the roles and responsibilities of all parties (including the Municipality)
  • Identifies benefits, costs, and risks, both short and long term

What are my next steps?

What is a delegation?

It’s your opportunity to meet in person with Municipal Council. Presenters often prepare a simple, informative slideshow or handout. To request a delegation time, email at least 10 days before your desired meeting date. Generally, only one delegation is scheduled for each meeting. (See Bowen Island Municipality Procedure Bylaw No. 111, 2004.)


Shauna Jennings, Manager of Community Services or 604-947-4255

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