Committees seeking members

Bowen Island Municipal Council is seeking members for the following advisory Committees:

Advisory Design Panel (ADP) Meets approximately three times a year in the evening, usually Mondays.

Community Economic Development Committee (CEDC) – Meets monthly during the day, along with subcommittee projects.

Community Grants Advisory Committee (CGAC) – Meets approximately twice a year to advise on grant applications and policy.

Cove Bay Water System Local Advisory Committee (CB WS LAC) – Meets approximately three times a year.

Environment and Climate Action Advisory Committee (ECAAC) – Meets monthly in the evenings on Thursdays.

Housing Advisory Committee (HAC) Meeting monthly during the day.

Heritage Commission (HC) – Meets approximately four times a year.

Parks, Trails and Greenways Advisory Committee (PTGAC) – Meets monthly in the evening on Tuesdays along with walkabouts.

Recreation and Community Services Commission (RCSC) – Meets approximately four times a year.

Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) – Meets monthly in the evenings on Tuesdays.

If you are interested in joining  a Committee, please fill in this application form and submit it by email by Thursday, January 13, 2020 at 4:00pm to Stef Shortt, Committee Clerk at You may also obtain a paper copy of the application form from Municipal Hall at 981 Artisan Lane. For questions, please call Stef at 604-947-4255.

What is a committee?

Committees are established by Council to assist and provide opportunities for public involvement in municipal matters. Committees are advisory in nature and function within the authority set out in their Terms of Reference or by Establishment Bylaw. When citizen representatives are appointed, they serve in a voluntary capacity and bring local knowledge, expertise and experience to specific areas of municipal concern. Committees support Council in other ways as well - through fostering the spirit of volunteerism in the community, extending the capability of Council and staff to take on additional tasks and inviting community input, commitment and support throughout the process.

For more information about each Committee, please select a Committee from the list below.

Committee meetings are open to the public, unless the topic relates to a subject included in Section 90 of the Community Charter. In such cases, meetings will be closed to the public. Minutes of each regular committee meeting are approved by the elected Chair and the committee and are then forwarded to Council. 

View older Committee meeting agendas

View older Committee meeting minutes

If you do not see a video link for the meeting you are looking for, try going to the committee page (listed on the left) or go to our YouTube channel.




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