Council Meetings

Council meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic

We are changing the way we do Council meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please bear with us as we adapt to new technologies and procedures. For the duration of Phase 3, Council will be meeting by Zoom, an online meeting platform.

Public Comments on Zoom meetings

Council will continue to receive Public Comments during its Regular Council Meetings. If you wish to speak to Council, we ask that you limit your comments to an item contained in the agenda. If you wish to submit written material to accompany your comments, please ensure it is provided to the Corporate Officer in advance of the meeting. This will allow your submission to be circulated to Council and be included in the formal record of the meeting.

How to sign up for Public Comments

E-mail the Corporate Officer BEFORE 6:15 PM at In your email, please include the following:

  1. Subject line “Public Comment”
  2. Name (first and last), telephone number and topic or agenda item.

Join the meeting via the Zoom link provided in the Council agenda and wait for your name to be called during the public comment section.

We ask that you respect the time limit allotted by the Mayor and once finished to please mute your microphone and turn off your camera.

Public Viewing Etiquette

  • Silent viewing only, please do not interrupt Council discussion.
  • Limit background distractions or keep video turned off
  • If interruption is repeated, the participant will be removed from the meeting

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue our services in alternative formats.

Regular Council Meetings

Regular Council meetings are scheduled at 6:15 PM on the second and fourth Monday of each month. Meeting agendas are available by 4:30 pm on the Wednesday prior to the Council meeting.

2021 Regular Council Meeting Schedule (PDF)

All video recordings of Council and Committee meetings are on the BIM YouTube Channel

View older Council meeting agendas

View older Council meeting minutes

Special Council Meetings

Special Council meetings are held as needed to address emerging issues. The Municipality provides at least 24 hours notice of meeting dates and start times on the website, the bulletin board in the Municipal Office. Notices also describe in general terms the purpose of meetings. Speakers are generally not heard at Special Council meetings.

Committee of the Whole Meetings

Committee of the Whole meetings are meetings of Council that provide Council members the opportunity for more in-depth and less formal discussion on specific topics. They are scheduled on an as-needed basis. Council may move from a Regular Council meeting into a Committee of the Whole at any time during a meeting. Decisions made at Committee of the Whole need to be ratified at either a Regular or Special Council meeting.

All Committee of the Whole meetings are open to the public, and the video is live streamed and archived online.

Closed Meetings

Portions of meetings may be closed to the public when sensitive or confidential Municipal business is being considered. Council is authorized to close meetings only under the circumstances set out in section 90 of the Community Charter.

Read a list of reasons Council may hold a closed meeting

Before holding a closed meeting, Council must:

1) provide notice of a closed meeting 

2) state by resolution adopted in an open meeting that a closed meeting will be held and state the basis under the applicable section on which the meeting or part is to be closed to the public. 

The Community Charter allows Council to hold a closed meeting without providing notice (to deal with a time sensitive or critical item), only if it receives a unanimous approval of all members of Council.  

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