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Defer Paying Your Taxes

Starting in 2020, Bowen Island Municipality can no longer accept property tax deferment applications or renewals.

To assist qualifying homeowners in paying annual property taxes on your principal residence, the B.C. Government offers a low-interest loan program known as the Property Tax Deferment program.

Starting May, 2020, eligible residential property owners can apply for property tax deferment or renewal online, quickly and easily. All applications and renewals must go directly to the B.C. Government. Bowen Island Municipality can no longer accept deferment applications or renewals.

For applicants wishing to apply or renew via paper application, forms can be requested by calling 1-888-355-2700 (within Canada) or 250-387-0555 (outside Canada).

Look for more information at:

Before you apply

You must wait until you receive your annual property tax notice from Bowen Island Municipality before you can defer your taxes. These are mailed in May each year. Your property tax account must be up to date. This means you must pay any property taxes owing from previous years, penalties, or interest before you apply to defer your taxes. The only amount outstanding on your property tax account should be the current year’s taxes (class 1 or class 1 and 9) minus your home owner grant (if eligible).

Application and renewal tips

Having trouble filling out your tax deferment application form?

  • If your ROLL NUMBER is fewer than 8 digits, add zeros in front to make 8 digits.


ENTER: 0-0-0-1-2-3-4-5 on your application form.

  • If renewing your loan agreement, use the AGREEMENT NUMBER on the top right of your 2020 renewal notice.

EXAMPLE: The AGREEMENT NUMBER from your 2020 renewal notice is PTD-1234-5678

ENTER: PTD-1234-5678

Questions? Please contact 1-888-355-2700 or

Frequently asked questions

+ Why is the BC government changing the application process?

Currently, it takes up to five months for applications to the property tax deferment program to be reviewed due to the high volume of applications. As well, eligible owners must complete a renewal application each year.

Ineligible property owners were subjected to penalties and interest for not paying their taxes on time as a result of not meeting requirements or as a result of delays in the review of their applications.

The new online application process will allow for quicker application review, which means that British Columbians can receive the benefits of this program sooner.

Eligible property owners will be able to auto renew their application in subsequent years.

+ Are there any changes to the program itself, or is only the application process changing?

The program and eligibility requirements are not changing.

The paper-based system led to process delays and resulted in some British Columbians facing fees and penalties.

That is why the program application process is being moved online – approvals will happen more quickly which means British Columbians can receive the benefit sooner.

+ Will property owners be able to make a paper application?

Property owners who still wish to apply or renew via a paper application can request forms by calling 1-888-355-2700 (within Canada) or 250-387-0555 (outside of Canada).

Bowen Island Municipality cannot accept paper-based applications or renewals, and they must now be submitted directly to the B.C. government.

Paper-based applications and renewals may still be subject to delays experienced in the past.

+ Where can property owners with accessibility challenges get help with their application?

Property owners needing help to understand the requirements and eligibility of the program can contact government agents by phoning 1-888-355-2700 (within Canada) or 250-387-0555 (outside of Canada).

There are over 60 Service BC Centres throughout the province and property owners can visit the centre if they need assistance understanding the requirements and eligibility.

People can learn more about online applications at:

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