Election Timeline

2014 Local Government Elections key dates:

April 8th

Last day to meeting 6-month B.C. Residency requirement for candidates seeking nomination

April 12th

Last day to meeting 6-month B.C. Residency requirement for candidates submitting nomination documents on extended deadline of October 14, 2014

May 13th

Last day to meet 6 month BC residency requirement for registering on general voting day (November 15th)

July 1st

If a vacancy occurs after July 1st, Council or board may decide not to hold a by-election

August 5th

Last day to adopt any bylaws or bylaw amendments to apply to general local election.

August 24th

First day of giving notice of closed period for advance elector registration (closed period is September 23 – November 15th)

August 31st

First day to give notice of:

  • Nomination Period
  • Availability of List Electors and request to omit obscure personal information on list and period for objections to elector registrations.
  • Application period for scrutineers for other voting

September 23rd

Advance elector registration closes

September 24th

Provincial list of voters becomes local government list of electors, if applicable

September 30th

  • 9:00 am:  Nomination period begins (Nomination papers available for public inspection from time of delivery)
  • List of electors becomes available for public inspection and period for objections to elector registration begins

October 10th

  • 4:00 pm:  Nomination period ends
  • Declaration of candidates

October 15th

Last day to meet 30-day jurisdiction residency/property owner requirement for registering on general Voting Day

October 17th

4:00 p.m. deadline for:

  • Withdrawal of candidates (unless Minister approval for later date)
  • Receiving originals of faxed or emailed nomination documents
  • Withdrawal of candidate endorsement by elector organization

October 20th

4:00 pm:  Deadline for Declaration of Election by Voting or Declaration of Candidates Elected by Acclamation

November 5th

Advance Voting

November 15th

General Voting Day (Deadline to receive mail ballots is close of general voting day)

November 17th

Determination of official election results

November 19th

4:00 pm:  Deadline for Declaration of Official Election Results

December 8th

Inaugural Council meeting (Oaths of Office administered)

December 19th

Last day for:

  • Application to invalidate an election
  • Submitting report of results of election by voting
  • Public inspection of election material

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