Fire Department

The Bowen Island Fire Department is committed to providing professional and effective services to all residents and visitors of our community. Our mission will be accomplished through training, education and fire prevention.

When called upon we will:

  • Provide a rapid, professional response to any emergency
  • Attempt to minimize loss of life and property from fire or disaster
  • Show compassion for those involved
  • Be committed to protection of the environment

Service Profile

The Bowen Island Fire Department provides a variety of services and programs including:

  • Fire Suppression: responds to incidents involving or potentially involving fire
  • Medical Calls, Rescue and Safety: volunteers are trained for medical emergencies. The Fire Department works collaboratively with BC Ambulance Service responders
  • Fire Prevention: equipment inspection & maintenance, certification of fire trucks
  • Training: enhance the skills, increase the competencies and expand the scope of training for our volunteers through regular weekly practices and additional training opportunities
  • Emergency Preparedness and Public Education: collaboration with the Emergency Social Services (ESS) and the Neighborhood Emergency Response Program (N.E.R.P) groups

Approximately 30 volunteers receive education and skills training to establish a team of emergency first responders dedicated to ensure a rapid, professional response to any emergency; minimal loss of life and property from fire or disaster; demonstrated compassion for those involved; and commitment to protection of the environment.

Fire Department Team

Fire Chief: is appointed by the Chief Administrative Officer with input from a committee representing the volunteer members. The Fire Chief works with police, ambulance, emergency social services and other community volunteers to develop and implement the emergency plan.

Deputy Fire Chief: provides administrative and technical support to the Fire Chief and liaises with the Fire Hall Facilities Steering Committee on the development of the New Fire Hall and Emergency Operations Centre.

Training Officer: Working together with the Fire Chief and Deputy Fire Chief, the Training Officer is responsible for planning, developing, coordinating and implementing the services and activities of the Fire Department’s training programs. The Training Officer will also coordinate assigned activities with other divisions and outside agencies.

Highlights from 2016 Island Plan

  • Established an Emergency Management Plan Review Task Force to coordinate a review of BIM’s Emergency Plan
  • Approved a contract for a consultant to review Bowen Island's existing Emergency Plan
  • Hired a part-time Emergency Program Coordinator
  • Contracted a Project Manager to oversee design, construction and costing for the Main Fire Hall and EOC
  • Staff and the Fire Hall Facilities Steering Committee prepared historical information relating to the New Fire Hall and EOC and disseminated to the public by social media and the municipal website
  • Council approved 3 readings of a Land Use Bylaw Amendment to rezone a portion of Lot 3 for the Fire Hall and EOC
  • Inquired into cost-sharing options with BC Ambulance

Volunteer Fire Fighters

Ian Thompson, Fire Chief
Aaron Hanen, Deputy Fire Chief
Jeff Dempsey, Safety Officer
Steve Harding, Assistant Fire Chief
Matt Laudrum, Safety Officer
Shawn Davies, Firefighter
Ian Brown, Captain
Alex Elston, Firefighter
Llyod Harding, Captain
Mike Hartwick, Firefighter
Laurin MacDonald, Captain
Andy Huinink, Firefighter
Scott Moore, Captain
Lachlan Huinink, Firefighter
Kevin Toews, Captain
Colin Kerr, Firefighter
Randy Arnott, Firefighter
Mike Laudrum, Firefighter
Scott Begg, Firefighter
Eric Michener, Firefighter
Corby Bernard, Firefighter
Alec Pelzer, Firefighter
Brian Biddlecombe, Firefighter
Frank Seaberly, Firefighter
James Skuce, Firefighter
Duy Son, Firefighter
Matt Taylor, Firefighter
Jamie Weismiller, Firefighter
Rick Cannell, Firefighter


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    Ian Thompson, Fire Chief

    Fire Hall # 1, Non-Emergency