Grants for the Community

Bowen Island Municipality has a grants program to help fund not-for-profit organizations that propose, through projects and/or programs, to improve the well-being of the Bowen Island community as a whole. Grants are funded from the Municipality’s annual operating budget.

There are three types of grant funding. Please refer to the policies for more detailed information.

Grants-in-Aid and Community Grants

Grants-in-Aid are typically for amounts up to $2,000.

Community Grants are typically for amounts over $2,000.

Beginning in 2019, there is one annual intake for Grants-in-Aid and Community Grants.

The application deadline is April 15th, 2019.

Apply for a Grant-in-Aid or a Community Grant:

Community Organization Multi-Year Core Funding

Some organizations deliver a service that typically would be provided by the municipality in other jurisdictions. These organizations may apply to Bowen Island Municipality for multi-year Core Funding to deliver this community service. Multi year funding will facilitate long term planning of services provided for the benefit of Bowen Island residents and result in efficiencies to the administrative process of providing core grant funding.

The application deadline is July 31st of each year. 

Apply for Community Organization Multi-Year Core Funding

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