Mayor's Standing Committee on Community Lands

Purpose of the Committee:

  1. To ensure community benefits result from the Community Lands.
  2. To develop a high-level overview of the best uses of the Community Lands.
  3. To review the characteristics of specific areas of the lands and relate those characteristics to utilization of the lands and their marketability.
  4. To identify lands that should remain in a land bank for future community use.
  5. To help set priorities and a timeline for the sale of some of the lands.
  6. To identify a target for funds to be raised from the sale of some of the lands.
  7. From the sale of some of the lands, to pay down some of the debt incurred to purchase the lands.
  8. From the sale of some of the lands, to secure funds to support the development of community amenities.
  9. To support the mayor in developing recommendations for council consideration.

Committee Members

  • Mayor Murray Skeels, Chair
  • David Riddell
  • Councillor Gary Ander
  • Councillor Maureen Nicholson
  • Kathy Lalonde, CAO (Staff Liaison)


  • John Reid*

*non-voting participant

To contact the Mayor's Standing Committee on Community Lands, please email:

Governing Documents

Terms of Reference

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February 28, 2018

Reference Documents

Housing on Bowen (August 2016)

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