Medical Assured Loading

Medical Assured Loading is offered by BC Ferries for eligible patients who need to travel to or from critical medical appointments. It is designed to reduce wait time for those in need of critical care.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for Medical Assured Loading, patients must:

  • Be travelling to a critical or emergency medical appointment or be travelling due to a life-threatening illness;
  • Be experiencing undue or extreme discomfort and difficulty waiting extended periods in the ferry line;
  • When travelling home through Horseshoe Bay, the patient must have a completed Travel Assistance Program (TAP) form.

Medical Assured Loading is not available for general doctor, dentist or specialist appointments.

How to apply

A patient’s doctor, hospital, clinic or social worker must apply for Medical Assured Loading through BC Ferries (patients are unable to make the request on their own). The request is to be submitted on official letterhead of the medical professional submitting the request, or contain the doctor’s stamp.

  1. Email to request the Medical Assured Loading request form
  2. Send the completed form to the same e-mail address or fax to 250-978-1240

Patients who are eligible will be provided a Medical Assured Loading (MAL) letter.

On Bowen Island

Once you have received your MAL letter from BC Ferries, bring it to Bowen Island Municipality or to the Caring Circle. You will be issued a card to display in the window of your vehicle. There is a special permit area for MAL passengers in the cross-hatched area in front of the General Store. Only vehicles with valid MAL cards may park in this area while waiting to board the ferry.

In Horseshoe Bay

Arrive at least 30 minutes before departure, and present your MAL letter and completed TAP form to the ticket booth agent. If there is an overload and you have a MAL letter, inform an employee and they will direct you to the appropriate tollbooth.

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