Neighbourhood Emergency Response People

Depending on the incident, you and your household could be on your own for several days while first responders manage the aftermath. When disaster strikes, the most immediate help may come from those around you: building relationships with them today will mean a better response and faster recovery. NERPs are vounteers comitted to ensuring Bowen has resilient neighbourhoods. 

Activities of NERP volunteers:

  1. To encourage Bowen Islanders to increase their level of preparedness in the event of an emergency (such as an earthquake, wildfire, or extended power outage). 
  2. To increase neighbourhood self-sufficiency in an emergency or disaster by building collaborative neighbourhood preparedness at the grassroots level, so that neighbours can support one another when outside help is not available. 
  3. To share and disseminate information, for example training opportunities (First Aid, Rapid Damage Assessment, etc.), the importance of signing up for BowENS, etc.

For more information on the NERPS program, take a look at the Province of BC's Neighbourhood Preparedness Guide

A copy of the NERP questionnaire is available here

For information on the NERPS in your neighbourhood or to get involved, please contact the Emergency Program Coordinator

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