Apply for or renew your Business Licence

Oct 4 2021
Updated: Oct 4 2021

Running a business on Bowen? Make sure you have a valid Business Licence.

Businesses operating on Bowen Island need a business licence. This applies to commercial, home-based, non-profit and contractor businesses. This also applies to off-island businesses that are coming into the community to perform work.

Types of businesses that need a licence

  • Commercial businesses such as grocery stores, restaurants, retail stores and farm stores
  • Bed & Breakfast accommodations
  • Home-based businesses such as hair salons, accountants and craftsperson workshops (note, there are different fees for home-based businesses, depending on whether the business has hours open to the public)
  • Contractors
  • Non-profit organizations (no fee required)
  • Off-island businesses that are performing work on Bowen Island

Apply for your Business Licence, and your business will be added to Business Search on the Municipality’s website.

Business Search is an online directory tool showing all licensed businesses operating on Bowen Island.

With Business Search, your customers can find your business by:

  • Business name
  • Owner’s name
  • Business type (e.g. plumber, massage therapist, notary public, etc)
  • Or get a list of all businesses

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