Area 1, Lot 2 Community Lands

Nov 13 2017

An amendment to the Land Use Bylaw is being considered by Bowen Island Council for the municipally owned property known as Area 1 of Lot 2 (located at the corner of Bowen Island Trunk Road and Senior Road). This amendment would:

  • Allow greater residential development within the current allowable floor area of 2,500 square metres;
  • Remove the restriction on number of storeys, while retaining the existing height limit;
  • redraw the zone boundaries to match the current property boundaries; and
  • Reduce the required setback on Senior Road to match a recent Development Variance Permit

Council is also considering a recent amendment that would exclude parking areas from the Floor Space Ratio (FSR) calculation. These changes have required a second Public Hearing, to be held this November.

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