Best wishes to Sandi Laudrum

Mar 21 2022

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation for the 22 years Sandi Laudrum has given to the community at Bowen Island Municipality.  As our longest serving employee, hired at incorporation, Sandi has seen our small government grow from a couple of staff and elected officials in 1999 to the highly functioning organization it is today.

Here is a collection of stories shared by Sandi’s co-workers:

“Sandi has the respect of the community, in particular the builders on the Island. She was kind to everyone who came into the building department and went out of her way to provide information. She was the go-to person for staff to obtain historical information about any property (she had lived in or next to many of the properties).”

“Sandi has the best outfits and always wears the most fabulous footwear. I remember she came to work the day before Canada day in white patent leather boots with a red maple leaf on them and I thought that was so cool.”

“Sandi loved her Jeep Cherokee.  She loved that Jeep so much that when she had the chance to buy Mayor Jack’s newer silver grey model, she bought that too!!”

“Sandi is a very thoughtful person to work with. She’s always willing to help, even when she was juggling many different tasks. Thank you for sharing your experience, Sandi. I enjoyed working with you.”

“Retirement will give Sandi time to pursue a new career in personal shopping (if the word gets out – the queue will form from the ferry terminal to the Hall) – she sure knows how to find the best deals!”

“Sandi was such an integral part of the department. Her historical knowledge was invaluable and yes! Her outfits were the best! She is missed.”

“On my very first day starting work at the municipality, I was being introduced to everyone and, as small towns go, we were all trying to figure out how and if we knew each other already. Sandi said “you must know me, I’m the one with the twin boys”. As I have two boys myself, I related to her instantly. I think about that exchange warmly, her motherly love and pride, every time I see her. They are as lucky to have her as we were to work with her.”

Sandi has been with us through thick and thin, and as things change and evolve, she always represented BIM with friendliness and efficiency. We know that many in our community will miss doing business with her at the building desk, and we will miss her warm smile.

From all of us at Bowen Island Municipality, Sandi, we wish you all the very best in your retirement.