Climate Conversation: Food Conservancy

Sep 16 2019
Updated: Sep 16 2019

The Future of Food

Sunday September 29th

A Climate Conversation with Bowen Island Food Sovereignty on Climate Emergency and the future of food on Bowen Island

Our dependency on the mainland and food imports is real. So are the challenges of food production on our rocky island. Come and get inspired by the findings of two recent reports published by Bowen Island Food Sovereignty (BIFS).

Let’s talk about some steps our community could explore to create a vibrant and viable ‘place-based food system,’ and how such a system can help adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Sunday October 6th

A Climate Conversation With Harold Steves, the Father of the BC Agricultural Land Reserve

For the past 2 years Bowen Island Food Sovereignty group has been grappling with food security in an era of climate change and serious agricultural soil degradation. Harold Steves has been addressing these issues for the past 40 years as a 4th   generation farmer, Richmond Councillor, and Provincial MLA. His insights and wisdom can benefit our planning here on Bowen. Harold will offer a presentation and discussion on farmland preservation and revitalization, and the benefits of regenerative agriculture in addressing the climate emergency.

Both conversations will be held at the Municipal Hall from 2pm to 4pm and we hope to see you there!