Council adopts bylaw to alleviate ferry line up issues

May 14 2019

Just in time for the May long weekend, Council has adopted a new bylaw to regulate the ferry line-up in Snug Cove.

Bylaw No. 469 amends the Traffic and Use of Streets Bylaw, allowing the Municipality to monitor and correct common issues in the ferry line, such as vehicles parking in the ferry lane with no intent to board the ferry, vehicles cutting the line, and uncertainty over whether spaces in the lower Cove should be filled.

As ferry traffic volume increases over the busy summer months, the pressures of traffic congestion in Snug Cove increase as well. Council began the process to amend the bylaw in 2018 after receiving numerous letters from concerned members of the public and the RCMP about common issues in the ferry line. Staff held a public open house and sought feedback from the community to inform the development of Bylaw 469.

“We heard concerns voiced throughout the community.” said Mayor Gary Ander, “We’ll be keeping an eye on things over the next six months to make sure these new rules are helping make the high volumes  more manageable.”

Bylaw officers will actively monitor the ferry line during peak weekday sailings and on historically busy weekends throughout the summer, using municipal communication tools to educate the public and social media to provide timely updates about overloads, delays, and cancellations when on duty. After a six month period, staff will report back to Council with statistics and a review of the effectiveness of this approach to education and enforcement.

Physical changes to the ferry line, including clearer signage and installation of flex posts that stop vehicles from blocking Grafton Road at the end of the line, are some more ways the Municipality has responded to safety issues that arise during ferry overload situations.

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