Council to receive Fire Department Core Service Review Report

Apr 8 2020
Updated: Apr 8 2020

Bowen Island Municipal Council will receive the Fire Department Core Service Review at its regular meeting on Tuesday, April 14, 2020.

Consultants Dave Mitchell & Associates will present the report to Council at the meeting taking place on Zoom, an online video conference platform. Members of the public are welcome to watch the meeting and speak during the Public Comments section of the agenda.

Dave Mitchell & Associates, professional independent consultants specializing in fire department service reviews, was appointed by Council to undertake a review of the Bowen Island Fire Department in October of last year. The purpose of the review, carried out in phases with the cooperation of the volunteer firefighters and Bowen Island Municipality, is to:

  1. Assess the capabilities of the department;
  2. Confirm the level of service circumstances;
  3. Determine the apparatus and equipment requirements;
  4. Determine training requirements, cost and duration of training;
  5. Evaluate fulfilment of Provincial training regulations;
  6. Assess compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act of BC and its accompanying regulations;
  7. Review current compensation methods;
  8. Review the BC Fire Commissioner’s Inspection and Audit Checklists;
  9. Review the recommendations provided by the Fire Underwriter Survey (FUS).

Bowen Island Municipality would like to thank the firefighters for their cooperation and participation in the core services review.

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