Fire Extinguisher Inspection Day

Aug 9 2021
Updated: Aug 9 2021

Bowen Island Fire Rescue is hosting a fire extinguisher servicing and inspection day on Saturday, September 11 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Bring your extinguishers to Fire Hall 2 located at 1421 Adams Road to be inspected and serviced. Inspections are free. Fire extinguishers will be available for purchase. Cash preferred.

6 year service 2.5lb extinguisher $19

6 year service 5lb extinguisher $24

2.5lb new $50

5lb new $70

Hydro testing $51

Emergency Support Services (ESS) will also be selling emergency kits and supplies:

  • 2 person emergency kits
  • Vehicle kit
  • Solar radios
  • Emergency ladders
  • Food rations
  • ESS pamphlets and info