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Jun 17 2021
Updated: Jun 17 2021

Phases One and Two of Public Engagement Complete!

Phase One: Community Questionnaire

Phase One of the Public Engagement Plan comprised a survey that contained 13 themes which had been pulled from the CED Plan Findings Report. Here is a link to the survey (now closed): Community Economic Development Plan Questionnaire (MS Word). 185 residents completed the survey which included both rated questions and extensive room for explanation. The H&K Team generated an informative summary assessment which may be found here: Summary of Survey Results.

Phase Two: Focus Groups

The H&K Team generated five topics to inform as many Focus Groups with the following cross-cutting priorities threaded in: Housing, environmental stewardship, economic leakage (off-island spending), training & education and demonstration projects. You may find background information in the following topic papers:

  1. Commercial and Industrial Sector
  2. Health and Wellness Sector
  3. Knowledge Sector and Digital Economy
  4. Food Sector
  5. Strategic Tourism and the Arts

Over 60 Bowen Islanders participated in the Focus Groups between May 12th and 19th. The facilitator asked participants the following questions:

  • Why is this sector important to Bowen?
  • Name a Bowen success story.
  • How does this sector relate to the cross-cutting priorities?
  • Share a "Big Idea".

Opportunities, challenges, success stories, cross-cutting priorities, and big ideas for the future were brainstormed and then discussed within each focus group. Answers were collected on post-it notes and will be used to inform the next step of public engagement. Notes from these sessions are being compiled into a summary report that will be available shortly. Thanks to all of our participants for your time and ideas!

Up Next - Phase Three: Digital Town Hall

The final engagement event for the Community Economic Development Plan is taking place on June 23! Building on the findings from our survey and focus groups, this will be an opportunity to have your say before the project team drafts the plan over the summer. 

Please join our consultant team at our Digital Town Hall, for discussion of key trends and opportunities, with lots of time for community members to ask questions. Two of the topics we will be focusing on are responsible tourism and light industrial. This is an important opportunity to help shape the emerging plan. Don’t miss it!

Wednesday, June 23, 2021
7:00 - 8:30 pm
Online via Zoom
Register for the Digital Town Hall

Can't make it to the TOwn Hall? Don't worry, everyone will have an opportunity to comment on a draft Community Economic Development Plan document before it is finalized and released for implementation in September 2021.