How to help grocery stores during COVID-19

Mar 31 2020
Updated: Mar 31 2020

Our grocery stores provide an essential service on Bowen Island by ensuring safe and reliable access to food, supplies and other provisions. Now more than ever, our local small businesses need your support. So far, supply chains are good.

The Provincial health authorities have provided guidance to Retail Food and Grocery Stores, and our local grocery stores are implementing procedures to follow these guidelines.

Here are some ways you can help protect our local grocery stores so that they can remain open and keep supporting our community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • If you’re sick, or self-isolating after travel, stay home. Do not shop in person. Artisan Express is offering a free delivery service (Monday to Friday) for people who are in these situations.
  • Both the Ruddy Potato and the General Store are offering a pickup option. Consider this as an alternative to shopping in person.
  • Don’t bring your own containers, reusable bags or boxes.
  • Limit your frequency of shopping. Try to go only once or twice a week for essential items. See if your neighbours need anything picked up, this will reduce the number of people going out.
  • Shop efficiently: make a list in advance and avoid browsing in the store longer than is needed.
  • If you have it, use hand sanitizer before you enter the store. Avoid touching anything that you are not purchasing.
  • When inside the store, maintain a distance of 2 m (6 feet) between you and others at all times. This is about two full arms’ length apart.
  • Follow store staff instructions on how to line up and check out, and cooperate with them as they work to manage the number of people in the store.
  • Try not to use your time in the store to socialize with other customers. Take your (physically distanced) chat outside to the fresh air.
  • Take a moment to say thank you to the staff. Their jobs are stressful right now and they always appreciate a warm “hello, how are you?” A thank you goes a long way!
  • Whenever possible, use a debit or credit card rather than cash. (The General Store is not accepting cash)
  • If you have it, use hand sanitizer after you leave, and wash your hands well when you get home.
  • Above all, be patient, be calm and be kind. Our workers are doing their best, and we are all working together to keep our community safe.