Legion Good Neighbour Agreement

Sep 4 2018

Bowen Island Municipality (BIM) is seeking input from members of the community regarding proposed updates to the Good Neighbour Agreement (GNA) between BIM and the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 150 at 1265 Scarborough Road. These updates include: defining “amplified” as this term applies to the Legion events; allowing up to 6 Legion events to be canvased at one time; increasing the number of annual events from 10 to 12; and ensuring GNA training for transitional board members and staff.

In addition, BIM staff is proposing that Bylaw Services evaluate concerns of all stakeholders every 5 years to ensure that provisions of the GNA are still relevant to all parties.

Please contact Tess Taylor at ttaylor@bimbc.ca for more information about the proposed updates. Comments will be accepted until September 27, 2018.