Municipal Hall closed Wednesday October 20

Oct 15 2021
Updated: Oct 15 2021

Municipal Hall will be closed on Wednesday, October 20 to allow staff to participate in an Emergency Operations Centre refresher course and half-day earthquake preparation tabletop exercise.

Bowen Island’s Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) staffing relies on the secondment of municipal staff to the EOC to perform emergency support functions. It is imperative that this staffing pool be comprised of pre-designated, highly skilled municipal employees who train regularly and have the appropriate skills and experience to manage a municipal or multi-jurisdictional emergency.


1. For queries related to garbage pickup, please call Bowen Waste Solutions at 604-947-2255

2. For Non-Urgent traffic issues, please call the RCMP detachment at 604-947-0516

3. For any urgent fire related issues, or trees on powerlines, please call 911.