Municipal water users urged to conserve water

Aug 10 2018

Due to long stretches of hot, dry weather, we are recommending that all Municipal water users follow stage 3 of the Water Conservation Guidelines.

Stage 3 prohibits lawn watering, restricts watering of flower and vegetable gardens, and limits car and boat washing only as necessary for safety. Bowen Island relies on surface and groundwater resources that are becoming low. This recommendation for voluntary water conservation measures will apply until we get enough rain to replenish our water supply.

We also recommend you reduce your water consumption by undertaking creative conservation measures such as:

  • Run dishwashers and washing machines only when you have a full load.
  • Check for running toilets and leaky faucets.
  • Turn off the water when shaving, brushing teeth, and washing dishes. This can save 10 to 40 litres/day.
  • Reduce your shower to five minutes.
  • Save the water you use to wash produce - use it for watering plants and gardens.
  • Keep a pitcher of cold drinking water in the fridge, instead of running the tap until its cool.

Questions? Please contact Public Works at 604-947-4255 or