Municipality looking into authority over invasive animal species

Nov 30 2018
Updated: Nov 30 2018

Bowen Island Municipality has received numerous reports from residents recently regarding the population of wild animals such as skunks, racoons, squirrels and rats on Bowen Island. We acknowledge that the proliferation of these animals is having an impact on local farmers, pet owners, gardeners and the community in general. We’re looking into options that may be available to address these issues.

At its regular meeting on Monday, November 26, Council adopted the following resolution:

“That Council direct staff to research and report back to Council on any regulatory authority the municipality may have and any potential strategies for managing invasive animal species on Bowen Island and alternatives that individuals may use to help manage invasive animal species.”

Staff will be providing Council with a full report in the new year. Our website has resources for residents, including best practices for reducing conflict with skunks and tips for making your property less attractive to animals.

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