New rules for the ferry line

May 14 2019
Updated: May 14 2019

A new bylaw to regulate the ferry line-up has been adopted by Council. Please take note of the new rules:

  • DO NOT park in the ferry line-up unless you are waiting to board the next sailing.
  • Enter the ferry line behind the last vehicle in the line, or in the first open space closest to the ferry. Yes, this means you may “fill the gaps.”
  • Park within two feet (or 0.6 metres) of the vehicle in front of you. If there’s a cross-hatched area behind the next vehicle, pull right up to the edge of the cross-hatched area.
  • DO NOT stop or park any portion of your vehicle on the cross-hatched areas.
  • In the two-lane area of the ferry line, enter the shorter lane.

Bylaw officers will be monitoring the ferry line during peak weekday sailing times and historically busy weekends. Please look for the updated Bowen Island Ferry Guide at locations in Snug Cove.

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