PTGAC Communication Series

May 10 2021

The Parks, Trails and Greenways Advisory Committee (PTGAC) have been providing advice and recommendations to Council and staff for over a decade! Meeting monthly, PTGAC members take part in activities such as site visits, identification of trail linkages, evaluation of beach accesses, suggesting ways to mitigate erosion and pollution, and following-up with referrals from Council.

Since the adoption of the Bowen Island Parks Plan in 2018, the PTGAC has been actively implementing the Plan’s objectives. Recommendation 5.3.1, for example, calls for the “creation of effective public communications and outreach to educate Bowen Islanders about services and functions that ecosystems provide within our parks, trails, greenways and beaches”.

In keeping with this Parks Plan directive, PTGAC members have created a communication series aimed at highlighting special natural attributes of our parks, trails, greenways and beaches. These informative articles will be disseminated over the coming months through BIM communications and in the Bowen Undercurrent.

Meet the PTGAC members. Top row from left to right: Phil Osborne, Rob Pineau, DG Blair, Ben Hart. Middle row from left to right: Lusungu Kayani (Chair), Sue Ellen Fast (Councillor), Bonny Brokenshire (Manager of Environment & Parks Planning), Jeremy Howe. Bottom row from left to right: Nicola Murray, Claudia Schaefer (Vice Chair), Carla Skuce (Parks and Environment Coordinator), Stef Shortt (Committee Coordinator).