Public Notice: Council proposing to change Procedure Bylaw

Feb 22 2022
Updated: Feb 22 2022

A Procedure Bylaw is a is a regulatory bylaw required by the Community Charter to establish general procedures to be followed by Council and Council Committees in conducting their business. 

Council received a staff report at its February 14th Regular Council meeting with proposed changes to its Council Procedure Bylaw. 

The Community Charter requires a local government to provide notice of the proposed changes in general terms. The proposed changes, in alignment with recent legislative changes to the Community Charter, include:

  • Transparency requirements for providing public notice for participation at electronic meetings.
  • Definitions for electronic meetings, electronic participation, and hybrid meetings.
  • Provisions for conducting meetings electronically.
  • Provisions for conducting hybrid meetings.
  • New section to address when the Inaugural Council meeting will be held following a general local election.

Council will be considering an amending bylaw that include the above noted changes at its March 14th Regular Council meeting for consideration of readings.

If you have any questions or comments relating to the proposed changes, please submit them in writing up until 4:00 PM on Monday, March 14, 2022 or speak under Public Comment at the Council meeting. Meeting details are available on the Council Meetings page..

Questions? Please contact:

Hope Dallas
Corporate Officer 
Bowen Island Municipality 
981 Artisan Lane
Bowen Island, BC   V0N 1G2

Reference Information

Council Procedure Bylaw No. 529, 2020