Reflections on Canada Day

Jun 30 2021
Updated: Jun 30 2021

Mayor Ander's Statement on Canada Day

Canada Day has been a cherished community tradition on Bowen Island for many years, where families gather together to enjoy some food, music, games and fun to kick off the summer celebrations.

This year, Canada Day falls during a time of change and challenge. The restrictions and guidelines around Covid-19 are being modified frequently, and while we are all grateful for the reduced number of infections, we are also remaining cautious in our approach to community celebrations.

At the same time, Canadians across the country are acknowledging historical tragedies and trying to come to terms with grief, trauma and loss. On Bowen Island, as we seek to deepen our understanding and recognize the experiences of all Canadians, we are encouraging a day of reflection on what it means to be Canadian today.

We look forward to hosting a community celebration later this year when we can come together in a safe fashion. In the meantime, this Canada Day, please check out the activities supported by Bowen Island Community Recreation, and take some time for a quieter, more thoughtful day.

A series of interpretive signs will be placed throughout Quarry Park on Canada Day, aimed at encouraging thoughtful reflection during a time of change and challenge. Bring your smartphone to scan the QR codes for access to videos and online resources.