Reminder to maintain physical distance over the long weekend

Apr 7 2020
Updated: Apr 7 2020

With the long weekend approaching and warm weather in the forecast, Bowen Island Municipality is reminding people who want to visit Bowen Island that now is not the time. We need you to stay home and avoid all non-essential travel.

It is imperative that friends and families celebrating holidays do so while maintaining physical distance, which means staying home, as much as possible, and not gathering with people from outside of your household. There are many virtual ways that we can connect and celebrate together, and we encourage you to use technologies to maintain that social connection - from a distance.

“I know the temptation to celebrate and visit with friends and family is strong at this time of year,” said Mayor Gary Ander, “but we have to remain committed to keeping our physical distance from each other. This long weekend, and until we can flatten the curve, please stay home and avoid non-essential travel.”  

We thank you for your understanding as we take unprecedented measures to protect our community at this very difficult time.