Tree removal from Fire Hall site

Feb 16 2021
Updated: Feb 16 2021

Contractors will begin mobilizing on the site of the new Fire Hall and Emergency Operations Centre at 1045 Miller Road the week of February 16-19. Two large trees need to be removed from the site before construction can begin. Work will take place during the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, and will involve some noise from chainsaws and grinders. Work should not affect traffic on Miller Road but there will be periodic turning of trucks into the Fire Hall site as well as the Health Centre property next door which is undergoing clearing works at the same time.

While the two trees were kept on the Fire Hall site when it was cleared in 2019, it has been determined through site planning that they need to be removed, as once built, they will be too close to the Fire Hall building. Damage from falling branches could eventually be a hazard to the building and personnel working on the property. In addition, FireSmart principles such as removing vegetation within 10 metres of structures are considered best practice when planning for a building that will serve as a hub of emergency response.

Logs from the trees will be stored on site until a good local use for the wood is determined.

Questions? Please contact Aaron Hanen, Fire Chief at 604-947-9324