Public Art Advisory Committee

Invitation to artists, or artist groups, to submit proposals
for a public art project on  the lock-block wall at the entrance to Bowen Island.

Proposal Submission Deadline: Tuesday, June 1, 2021 at 5 PM

The Bowen Island Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC) is excited to announce an open call public art opportunity for the refurbished lock-block wall at the entrance to Bowen Island.

Commissions are supported by the Bowen Island Municipality through the Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC), as well a through a generous donation offered by Sangre de Fruta Botanical at Artisan Square.

This program aims to foster artworks that define and express the spirit of place that is Bowen island.

The Opportunity

The opportunity is to provide a welcoming and inviting entrance to Bowen Island for all to enjoy. The thematic focus of your proposed work should be nature-based, with particular emphasis on local flora and fauna.

The project will unfold as a series of panels mounted on the lock-block wall. There will be up to sixteen (16) boards available for artwork. Artwork will be created on supplied 4x8 sheets of ½” exterior grade plywood (landscape format: 48” tall by 96” wide). Each artist, or artist group, will be paid $1,000 per panel (inclusive of materials).

The selected artists should possess demonstrated experience and creative abilities to produce a large-scale, two-dimensional work in paint media. Artist selection will be based on the strength and creativity of past work that is relevant to the current circumstances and location, along with project vision. This commission is for new work only.

Proposed Project Timeline

  • May: Call for proposals issued
  • Summer: Artist selected and work begins
  • Fall: Installation and celebration


This opportunity is suitable for artists who have experience in producing artworks in a professional capacity, who are from Bowen Island, and who are available to meet the project timeline. We especially welcome submissions from Indigenous artists, artists of diverse backgrounds, and artist-led youth groups.

Selection Process

Submissions will be reviewed by a panel including a local art professional, a municipal councillor, a representative of the Hearth, and a member of the Public Art Advisory Committee.

It is expected that multiple artists will be selected to produce a total of up to sixteen panels. Artists or artist groups may propose to complete a major project including all available panels, or they may propose a project that requires fewer panels.


  • High quality, innovativeness, and creativity of past work
  • Approach to the location
  • Demonstrated ability to produce work
  • Knowledge of materials and practices
  • Availability and ability to meet deadlines (refer to project timeline)
  • Ability to work collaboratively with others

How to Apply

Proposals will be evaluated based on the letter of interest, past work, and proposed vision.

Submission Requirements:

  1. Letter: Please submit a brief letter of interest (up to 500 words) describing:
    1. The type of work you are proposing for this project – What is your vision?
    2. Your experience producing large-scale, two-dimensional work in paint media
    3. How this opportunity relates to your artistic practice
    4. Your interest in public art and the local community
  1. Images: Please submit up to six (6) images of past work and up to two (2) sketches or renderings of the visual concept of your proposed work. Images should be captioned with the title of the work, date, media, dimensions, location (if public) and, if necessary, up to a fifteen-word description.
  1. Curriculum Vitae: Please provide a CV of up to three pages.

All proposals must be submitted as a single PDF document up to 10MB in size, including the letter of interest, the images of past work, the sketches of the proposed vision, and CV.

Please submit by email to by Tuesday, June 1, 2021, by 5 pm. Confirmation of receipt of submission will be sent. We cannot be responsible for undelivered or late submissions.

Fine Print: Interested artists are advised that neither the BIM nor the selection panel is obliged to select any artist or accept any of the artists' proposals and may reject all proposals. Each artist is advised, and by the submission of a proposal, agrees that BIM will not be responsible for any costs, expenses, losses, damages (including damages for loss of anticipated profit) or liabilities incurred by the artist as a result of or arising out of submitting a proposal, or due to the Municipality’s acceptance or non-acceptance of their proposal, or arising out of any contract award not made in accordance with the expressed or implied terms of the artist call. Until a written contract in a form satisfactory to the Municipality is executed by both BIM and artist, no legal rights or responsibility shall be created between the artist and the BIM.

Confidentiality: All documents submitted by Applicants to the BIM become the property of the BIM. The Municipality will make every effort to maintain the confidentiality of each application and the information contained therein except to the extent necessary to communicate information to staff and selection panel members for the purposes of evaluation and analysis. The Municipality will not release any of this information to the public except as required under the Province of British Columbia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act or other legal disclosure process.

Public Art Advisory Committee

Purpose of the Committee

To provide Council with advice and recommendations, using the Public Art Program and Policy as a guide, with the goal of integrating art into public spaces throughout Bowen Island. The Committee will incorporate best practices to build cultural vibrancy on the island, strengthen our community identity and civic pride, honour, preserve and encourage our cultural heritage and artistic diversity, and assist with community planning, economic development and cultural tourism opportunities.

Committee Members

  • Scott Massey, Chair
  • Mary Lynn Machado, Vice Chair
  • Philip Dion
  • Councillor Maureen Nicholson
  • Jami Scheffer, The Hearth Executive Director
  • Greta Smith, Bowen Island Arts Council Board Member
  • Gillian Drake, Manager of Recreation and Community Services

Governing Documents

Terms of Reference

Video Recordings

BIM YouTube Channel

Agendas and Minutes



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