Public Art Advisory Committee

Purpose of the Committee

To provide Council with advice and recommendations, using the Public Art Program and Policy as a guide, with the goal of integrating art into public spaces throughout Bowen Island. The Committee will incorporate best practices to build cultural vibrancy on the island, strengthen our community identity and civic pride, honour, preserve and encourage our cultural heritage and artistic diversity, and assist with community planning, economic development and cultural tourism opportunities.

Committee Members

  • Philip Dion
  • Mary Lynn Machado
  • Scott Massey
  • Councillor Maureen Nicholson
  • Jacqueline Massey, Bowen Island Arts Council Executive Director
  • Greta Smith, Bowen Island Arts Council Director
  • Shauna Jennings, Manager of Recreation and Community Services

Governing Documents

Terms of Reference

Video Recordings

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Agendas and Minutes



Reference Documents


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