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Request for Proposal BIM 2021-01 Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion Predesign

BIM is seeking proposals from qualified Consultants to provide professional consulting services to complete a wastewater treatment plant design, marine outfall design, and environmental impact study, all in accordance with the requirements of the BC Municipal Wastewater Regulation (MWR). Time is of the essence and BIM seeks a schedule for the Work described herein to be completed by August 31, 2021.

Send proposal submissions to afrischmann@bimbc.ca before 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 24, 2021

BIM RFP-2021 WWTP Expansion Predesign Addendum #1

BIM RFP-2021-01 WWTP Expansion Predesign Addendum #2

BIM RFP-2021-01 WWTP Expansion Predesign Addendum #3

BIM-RFP-2021-01 WWTP Expansion Predesign Addendum #4

BIM REP-2021-01 WWTP Expansion Predesign Addendum #5

Waste Water Treatment Plant - Reference Materials

BIM_STP Operating Log Sheets FEB-SEP 2017
KWL_SCS Capacity Analysis 2017 Draft Memo
Ecofluid_SCS SITE LAYOUTS_08163-200
BIM_Semi-Annual Reports BC MoE OCT 2017-APR 2020
Ecofluid_SCS Control Drawings_2011
SC WWTP Equipment Manual 2011_incomplete
Urban Systems SCWWT Capacity Review_2019
CAN-DIVE_SCS Outfall Inspection Report_2005
KWL_SCS distilleryWWDischargeReview_FinalTMemo 2017
BC Ministry of Env_Discharge Permit PE-7859_2001
Ecofluid_SCS Equipment Layouts_08163-400
Ecofluid_SC WWTP Upgrade PRocess Flowsheets 2011
Ecofluid_SC WWTP Equipment Manual 2011
Mangat_SCS_Assessment Report 2013
Dayton & Knight Outfall Key Plan Drawings 1998
Seaveyors_SCS_Environmental & Marine Services Report_2013
Urban Systems SC WWS Capacity Assessment Expansion Scoping REV 1 2020 
SCS Sprinkler Sys Drawings SP-1 & 2_2010
SCS Structural Drawings WWTP S1-S6_2010
SCS Mechanical Drawings WWTP M1-M3_2010



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