Cardena Safety Improvements

Improvements to the safety and functionality of Cardena Road at Bowen Island Trunk Road are a priority in Island Plan 2018, Council’s strategic plan.

An engineering study conducted in 2016 identified the alignment of the intersection, pedestrian safety and pavement markings as three key concerns.

The chief safety issue is the misalignment of the west and east approaching lanes of the intersection. Currently, the lanes for unloading ferry traffic shift northwards an entire lane width, causing disorientation and distraction to drivers. The Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) standards only allow up to half a lane width offset through an intersection.

The community has also shared its concerns about traffic safety in this area. Peak travel times bring a lot of traffic, including vehicles and foot passengers loading and unloading the ferry, vehicles picking up and dropping off passengers and needing a place to turn around, and buses waiting for passengers. Visibility may be reduced after dark or due to weather conditions.

Accessible pedestrian walkways need to be on both sides of Cardena Road to reduce the number of pedestrians walking on the road. A proper turn-around area is needed for vehicles so that they don’t need to do three-point turns. Buses need a place to wait for passengers outside of the traffic lane so that vehicles don’t have to use the oncoming traffic lane to pass them.

Council has approved the preliminary steps to be taken towards achieving the overall vision of a safer, more functional and attractive intersection. Further steps will be taken once funding is confirmed, either through grants or through the Municipality’s 2019 Budget.

An overview of the projects that will be done to improve Cardena Road

  Improvement Expected Timeline
1. Rock Wall April 2018
2. Road Widening April 2018/Spring 2019
3. Paving Summer 2019
4. Roundabout 2019/2020
5. Bus Shelter 2020

Rock Wall

Construction of the rock wall and passenger exchange area

The new rock wall opens up more road width for realigning the lanes to the intersection and also to expand the existing passenger exchange area.  The new passenger exchange will have a proper vehicle stopping lane, protected pedestrian area and connecting walkway to the intersection and the ferry.

Road Widening

Road widening of Cardena will take place in 2018 and 2019

This work prepares a wider roadbed for paving.  The resulting road width will accommodate the passenger exchange vehicle stopping lane, a new bus bay, an accessible sidewalk, parallel parking on both sides of the street, and a roundabout.


Road paving and sidewalk installation

The entire road will be paved to include the passenger exchange, bus bay and parallel parking.  A sidewalk will be installed on the west side of the road to provide accessible connections between transit, the causeway and Bowen Island Trunk Rd.  The sidewalk will be wired for low-level pedestrian lighting.


Installation of a roundabout

The design of this roundabout will facilitate safe turnaround of vehicles, including buses.

Bus Shelter

Bus shelter installation

To provide a shelter from the elements with seating and transit information.

The future of Cardena

Cardena Road in 2020

In 2020, the Cardena intersection will be safer, more functional and more attractive for all users.

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