Housing Advisory Committee

Purpose of the Committee

The Committee's purpose is to provide Council with advice and recommendations on housing issues to help improve the quality of life, the livability and the working environment for the residents, visitors and businesses of Bowen Island Municipality.

Committee Members

  • Robyn Fenton, Chair
  • Ron Chalmers
  • Frits de Vries
  • Councillor Michael Kaile
  • Councillor Maureen Nicholson
  • Daniel Martin, Manager of Planning and Development (Staff Liaison)

To contact the Housing Advisory Committee please email: HAC@bimbc.ca.

Governing Documents

Terms of Reference

Video Recordings

BIM YouTube Channel

Agendas and Minutes



Reference Documents

  1. 2018 Island Plan
  2. Bowen Housing Speaker Series Update dated September 4, 2018

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