Council is continuing its work towards making Bowen Island a welcoming, long-term home for people of varying income levels, lifestyles and age groups in its efforts to actively support diverse housing.

Bowen Housing is an initiative identified by Council as a strategic priority for 2018. This series will help bring awareness to housing options for the community, including planning tools available to municipalities, best practices, housing types and partnership models. 

Events will include special meetings of Council and speaker events focusing on local solutions.

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Previous Sessions:

A Practical Workshop on Detached Secondary Suites was held for Interested Residents with BIM Manager of Planning and Development Daniel Martin, BIM Building Inspector Greg Cormier and detached secondary suite owner Lisa Howland.

Council met in a Committee of the Whole to welcome Jada Basi of CitySpaces, who spoke about Municipal policy tools for affordable housing in rural communities. 

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